scale_1 ShelterPups has a strong commitment to doing things differently for the purpose of creating a better world. One of our core goals as a company is to leave the world a better place than we found it. The plush industry is a scary place behind the scenes; full of chemicals, big factories, and slave labor. Despite the obstacles, we're totally committed to finding a better way to make plush toys for our children, and a better life for the people who make them. Our commitment to crafting our plush in America using natural materials is just part of this pledge. Our desire for better, healthier living for the planet and for the people who live on it permeates every aspect of how we do business.

Old Fashioned Workshop

Our workshop is about as old fashioned as you can get. When we say made by hand, we really mean it. Our primary tools are our hands, our eyes, and our brains. A team of skilled artisans is involved, hands on, with every pup. Each pup takes a team about 3 days to make. Each coat is hand blended of gorgeous merino wool, hand felted into a plush animal, then highly finished and needle felted into a true, one-of-a-kind creation.

There are no assembly lines in our production rooms, and no orders for a thousand of the exact same pup. Our facilities are fun, safe places to work and our employees love their jobs (honestly, we asked!).

Homegrown Job Creation

Since the very beginning of ShelterPups people in the toy business have told us to use over-seas production facilities. "You have to make them overseas because it is cheaper!" they said. "Only a crazy person would make a stuffed animal in America." Some even went so far as to say that we couldn't find the required skilled labor in America.

But we believe in the tradition and spirit of American ingenuity and hard work. We knew we could prove the skeptics wrong and we can proudly say that we successfully have! Despite the current state of the economy, we are making the world's best stuffed animals, creating jobs in America, and helping real shelter dogs.