1. Each ShelterPup represents an opportunity to help your local animal shelter. Through fundraising campaigns and donations we are truly able to make a difference in the lives of homeless dogs and cats, waiting in shelters around the country for their forever home. You'll find ShelterPup products being auctioned off on Facebook, at dinner galas and in silent auctions across America with 100% of the proceeds going to shelters. Partnering with rescues and animal shelters through online fundraisers provides an amazing opportunity for us to donate a substantial amount of money to real shelters. And it is super fun!

    Just look how powerful even a small donation could be:
    • $20 can feed an abandoned dog for 3 whole weeks
    • $35 can vaccinate 10 homeless dogs
    • $50 can pay for two full medical exams
    • $100 can fully fund a spay/neuter

    Every dollar is important and improves the quality of life for a shelter dog. Adopt one of our stuffed dogs for fun, rescue one for real!
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  3. The ShelterPups are unbelievably cute. They have awesome expressions and tons of realistic doggy personality. These Pups exemplify all the lovable characteristics of real dogs: soft, beautiful and unique coats, dramatic eyes, button noses and floppy ears. They are incredibly realistic stuffed animal dogs.

    Each ShelterPup is modeled after a real shelter dog located somewhere in the USA. Brindles, merles, bi-colored and tri-colored - there is a Shelter Pup to represent every color of dog imaginable. Some are feisty. Some are lazy. But they all want to be your best friend. How can you deny that puppy dog face!?
  4. We've searched the globe (literally!) to find the softest, most beautiful wool and materials. Only the finest materials are used to create Shelter Pups. They are incredibly soft and furry! Our artists are devoted to the highest level of craftsmanship, and strive to simulate the finest details of real dogs. Different wools and colors are hand-selected to ensure the final product is as realistic as possible. Our state of the art felting process creates a beautiful and durable fabric that we then use to create each and every ShelterPup. Every cut and stitch is meticulously inspected. You can rest assured knowing that your Pup will be around for many years of fun.
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  6. ShelterPups are made 100% in the good ol' USA! From beginning to end, ShelterPups are created by skilled American artists.

    Our facilities are fun, safe places to work and our employees love their jobs (honestly, we asked!). Despite the current state of the economy, we are making the world's best stuffed animals, creating jobs in America, and helping real shelter dogs.
  7. Many traditional "plush" stuffed animals are covered with nasty chemicals, like phthalates, cadmium, chlorine, and arsenic. Yuck! We promise to NEVER put harsh chemicals or flame retardants on any ShelterPup.

    Don't like polyester or other synthetic fabrics? Great! ShelterPups are made with natural wool! Super soft, furry, fuzzy, fun wool. Safety is very important to us, but we don't need harsh chemicals or flame retardants: wool is the ultimate natural flame retardant. Only the highest quality safety eyes and noses are used to give each Shelter Pup the perfect expression.
  8. ShelterPups are just plain fun! Good old-fashioned fun with no need for batteries or remote controls. Get outside, soak up the sun and roll in the grass. ShelterPups promote the type of creative, imaginative and nurturing play that lots of today's kids are missing and parents are searching for.

    The opportunities for fun are endless and we have a shelter full of Pups waiting for you. These are not little, cuddly pillows. ShelterPups are real companions! They want to join you on every adventure, no matter how big or how small.
  9. Each ShelterPup is truly a one-of-a-kind creation. There are no assembly lines in our production rooms, and no orders for a thousand of the exact same pup. Just like real mixed breed dogs, no two ShelterPups are alike. Our production process is so unique that we couldn't make two identical ShelterPups even if we tried!

    Every ShelterPup purchased through our Shelter has a unique story behind it. They are different in every way, from coat color to breed to personality to backstory.
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  11. ShelterPups are ready to go ... anywhere! They are daring, brave and ready for action. Some may appear a bit timid, but each ShelterPup is eagerly waiting to begin the next adventure. Every trip to the store, summer vacation, or day at the park can be the adventure of a lifetime with you and your Shelter Pup!
  12. Sure, ShelterPups are fun, cute and one-of-a-kind. But more importantly, they have a real purpose. Adopting a ShelterPup enables you to become part of something bigger. It's about making everyday choices that have a real impact for real animals in need. It's an opportunity to help real shelter dogs. It's a chance to give back. Only a true pack leader does things in a way that benefits the greater pack. Use your wallet to support American products, quality toys and exceptional care for shelter dogs. Join the Pack and let's achieve this together!
  13. Who cares what we think - we want to hear from you! There are tons of reasons to adopt and love ShelterPups. What are yours? Send your reasons to