I heart Puppies At the very core of ShelterPups is the burning desire to help real shelter dogs and cats. Everything we do can be traced back to this purpose. Sure, we LOVE to make adorable, cuddly and super realistic stuffed dogs and cats. But we LOVE to help real dogs and cats even more.

Through fundraising campaigns and donations we are truly able to make a difference in the lives of homeless dogs and cats, waiting in shelters around the country for their forever home. You'll find ShelterPup products being auctioned off on Facebook, at dinner galas and in silent auctions across America with 100% of the proceeds going to shelters.

FUN-raising with Real Dog and Cat Rescues

We love to do online fundraisers with rescues and shelters. Direct fundraisers with rescues and animal shelters are an opportunity for us to donate a substantial amount of money to real shelters. And it is super fun! So gather up your friends and get ready to raise money for dogs and cats in need!

Our approach is very simple and extremely fun! Our skilled American felting artists are standing by, ready to make ShelterPups for your fans and in honor of your favorite rescue's available dogs, cats or favorite alumni. For each custom ShelterPup order that comes from your fundraiser, we'll donate money directly to your Shelter. Have fun and raise money for real shelter dogs and cats. It's a win-win.

Interested in starting a fundraiser? Email us for more information on the fundraiser process. Know a rescue that could benefit from a little extra cash, have them contact us!

Stuffed Animals that Promote & Encourage Dog Rescue

We know there are 100's of options when choosing a new stuffed dog or cat. But throw ShelterPups into the mix and we think the decision is easy! A ShelterPups adoption isn't just about buying a plush animal, it is about encouraging animal rescue and helping real shelter dogs and cats in need. When you are trying to get the most bang for your buck, ShelterPups represents an opportunity to give (or give yourself!) a quality product and promote an incredible mission.

Get Involved at Your Local Rescue

Not looking to buy a new stuffed dog or cat? No problem - there are still tons of ways your can help homeless animals and promote rescue. Get involved! All you need is a little time and love. Learn how you can help homeless animals waiting for their forever home in your local area.