What is a Rescue Point?

Rescue Points are the true meaning behind the Shelter Pups.

Fueled by her love of dogs, The ShelterPups was created by a young girl looking for ways to purchase, and donate, dog food to her local shelter (Read the whole story!). Rescue Points are her solution. We could have just said "We'll donate some percent of our profits to blah blah blah", but what fun is that? Rescue Points enable YOU to tell us where the money goes. We have information on over 5,000 authorized SPCA shelters and you, the International Rescue Hero, can tell us which shelter will receive the donation.

Rescue Points are worth real money. We're not talking about a measly 1% of profits. Each Rescue Point is randomly assigned a value anywhere between $1 and $10 per Pup! That means you could donate over 25% of your purchase price to shelter dogs. That is awesome.

Rescue Points make a huge difference at the shelter. Every year, the ASPCA spends over $25,000,000 providing services to homeless animals throughout America. Over 85% of those funds are from donations. If every person in America donated $1, the ASPCA would have enough funds for 12 years! Your donation of $1, $2 or $10 makes a big impact!

How they work.

A Rescue Point Certificate comes with each ShelterPup adopted through our Shelter. Go to Shelterpups.com to unlock your Rescue Point and discover how much it is worth. Did you hit the jackpot and get a massive $10 point? You'll also find a list of your local shelters and be able to search by zip code to find your favorite animal shelter. Donate in a honor of someone you love, or a long lost pet. If you are shy and want to give secretly, you can donate anonymously too. It's easy, fun and fast.

Here are just a few ways your local animal shelter will use your Rescue Point donation: This list could be almost endless. There is no denying the overwhelming needs of the homeless animals in shelters. Many factors contribute to a dog becoming homeless but in today's economy, more animals are homeless then ever. Many shelters are past their capacity and in desperate need of donations. Rescue Points represent your opportunity to help.

Ordering a custom ShelterPup? While custom ShelterPups do not come with a Rescue Point, purchasing a custom ShelterPup still benefits rescues in a big way. In addition to the Rescue Point program, we donate gift certificates and ShelterPups directly to shelters for their fundraising efforts. You'll find ShelterPup products being auctioned off on Facebook, at dinner galas and in silent auctions across American with 100% of the proceeds going to shelters.