Before spinning, weaving and knitting, there was felting! The magical art used to create ShelterPups. Felting is one of the oldest fiber arts and dates back to 6300 BC. Long before ShelterPups, ancient nomadic tribes used felt to make hats, clothing, rugs and footwear. Wool rovingSome groups even created huts from large sheets of fiber to use as their main source of shelter.

While traditional felt was created using a special technique called wet felting, the 20th century industrial boom produced another type of felting - needle felting. Here at ShelterPups, we use a combination of wet felting and needle felting to produce durable and extremely detailed plush dogs!

The coats on all of our stuffed dogs are made using this magical wet felting technique. It's a big part of why ShelterPups look different, and are so much more realistic, than any other stuffed animal you've ever seen. It's also why our plush dogs are so soft and so durable. After creating the body and coat of each ShelterPup, skilled American craftsmen use a combination of sewing and needle felting to add unique and realistic facial characteristics to each stuffed pup.

Felting needles look like a large, thick needle with a small plastic handle. The tips of each needle is covered in small barbs. By working the needle over the face of each ShelterPup, we are able to add quizzical brow lines, wrinkly muzzles and puckered noses. The possibilities are endless! These tiny tools, combined with the incredible skill of our felting artists, allows us to mimic almost any doggy facial feature you can think of.