ShelterPups aren't your average plush animals: they are the softest, most realistic, cuddliest plush toy you've ever experienced. ShelterPups redefine the meaning of plush! Each stuffed dog and cat plush is handmade in the U.S.A. of pure, natural wool using the ancient art of felting. Our unique plush process creates unique, on-of-a-kind plush stuffed dogs that look real! scale_1

The Finest and Softest Merino Wool

It's all in the materials! ShelterPups plush dogs and cats are made with ultra soft natural wool. The finest grade Merino wool is used to make our plush dogs. We literally went on a global quest to find the highest grade merino being produced today. Our super fine merino has unparalleled texture and creates an extremely soft and durable plush material. We can even custom blend many natural colors to make almost any coat pattern found on a real dog or cat.

The Ancient Art of Felting

Felting! It's a big part of why ShelterPups look different, and are so much more realistic, than any other stuffed animal you've ever seen. It's also why our plush dogs and cats are so soft and so durable. All of our plush animals use felting to form their soft, huggable, nearly seamless bodies. The result: a beautiful plush dog or cat made from one of the healthiest, most natural fabrics on earth.

Learn more about the ancient art of felting and how the magic really happens!

Sheep love us too!

Wool is the perfect material for creating a super soft, furry, fuzzy and durable stuffed plush animal. However, we absolutely do not want this to be at the detriment of sheep! Therefore we carefully screen our suppliers to ensure that our wool does not come from sheep that are subjected to mulesing or other harsh treatments.

Naturally Flame Retardant Plush

Safety is very important to us, but we don't need harsh chemicals or flame retardants: wool is the ultimate natural flame retardant. Your traditional plush animal is made from synthetic polyester fabric. What's worse, since that type of plush is petroleum based, it burns easily. To make those plush toys safer they are doused with nasty, toxic flame retardants. By contrast our natural plush dogs and cats are made from pure wool which is one of the best natural flame retardants. In fact, natural wool plush is almost impossible to burn! It's another one of nature's little miracles and our natural plush dogs and cats take full advantage of it.

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