Not looking to buy a plush dog? Approaching hoarder level on the number of plush dogs you already own (No judgement here!)? Don't worry - there are still tons of fun ways that you can help real shelter dogs and cats!

Volunteer at Your Local Shelter

With so many animals is need, there are animal rescues and shelters located everywhere! And we bet your local rescue is in dire need of volunteers. Even if you can't adopt a new pet right now, a little bit of your time and love will greatly improve the quality of life for a homeless cat or dog while they wait for their new forever home. Check out all the ways volunteers can help rescues:

Donate Supplies

Maybe your schedule is completely packed, or an allergy prevents you from spending time in a shelter; there is still plenty of ways to help! Shelters are often in desperate need of supplies and even the smallest donation can make a huge impact. Contact your local shelter for a list of their specific needs. Here is a list of the more commonly needed supplies:

Start a Fundraiser

Lemonade stand, garage sale or charity walk. Your fundraising event can be little or big! Regardless of the size of your event, your fundraiser could have a big impact on your local Shelter! Or start a fundraiser with ShelterPups! Email us for more information on our fundraiser process.

Spread the Word!

Think the ShelterPups and promoting dog rescue is awesome? When you find something great it's normal to want to share it with the world! Do it! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and good 'ol word of mouth. Spread the word about ShelterPups and promote dog rescue. Help us help the dogs! Support Made in the U.S.A. Support natural materials! Support creative, nurturing play! Spread the word!